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counting down :]

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Thoroughly enjoying this weather and the opportunity to accomplish some warm weather projects! And simultaneously becoming painfully aware of just how big baby belly has become. :)

Every task has seemingly taken four times the length and required twice the breaks the past few months! There are the catch-your-breath breaks and must-have-food breaks, the baby's-punching-your-bladder breaks and the can't-keep-your-eyes-open-any-longer breaks. And of course, when Joe is around, there are my favorite: backrub breaks :). And now that there's the not-going-into-premature-labor safety factor, a lot of the hefty work has been wait-listed until July.

Project fire pit is one of said projects that I reluctantly had to put on hold this month until I can lift the stones safely again. But I'm so excited for later this summer, finishing the yard, and finally removing all signs of the construction/deconstruction that has happened there over the past year! 

Instead of the heavy-duty, I've gone a bit into nesting mode, and have been airing out the studio and office and adding accents all over the place! I'll post a few of the photos over the next couple of weeks :]

This morning's project: removing the ancient carpet and using the remainder of our flooring to add some hardwood accents to the office. Joe is going to do all of the dirty work of staining and varnishing the floor for me, so hopefully we'll have it up and ready to go by the weekend! 

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.29.25 PM.png

hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine this week! 

Alice in Alphabetland with the Columbus Literacy Council

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I'm late! I'm late!
For a very important date!
No time to say "Hello", goodbye!
I'm late! I'm late! I'm late! 

[40x40" | acrylic | 2015]

Live event painting created for auction at Alphabet Attractions, benefitting the Columbus Literacy Council. See photos of the event here and learn more about the amazing things the council does for our city here


And more to be written, when I'm not actually running so late! heading to pick up one of our new summer roomies- Aunt Rachel :]

sneak peek: Project Jericho

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this past week I had a lot of fun working with Project Jericho in Springfield, OH, creating artwork with ten young ladies that will be donated to Project Woman, a program "dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by providing services and programs to protect, educate, and empower." 

special thanks to Brandon and Beth, musician Tasha Golden of Ellery, and to Zonta Club of Springfield for their amazing event! 

more information about the event and programs and artwork coming soon! and final photos!

a rainy evening in the short north...

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In December I had the pleasure of reworking one of my favorite paintings for the sweetest Columbus family. 

A Rainy Evening in the Short North was one of my first paintings during my 2013 mural challenge [40 murals in 50 weeks]. The client [in a dream house designed for art collectors, with a gallery space immediately through the front door housing several beautiful, vibrant pieces] wanted a slightly smaller rendition of the mural to hang in his home. 

You know how they say doctors make the worst patients? It's the exact opposite for artists. Artists make the best collectors.  It's usually immediately obvious when a client is an artist in some form themselves - they are decisive, they present their desires up front and at the same time have a hands-off, i-trust-you attitude. And this client was clearly versed in the arts :) A wonderful way to wrap up paintings for 2014. 

Rainy Evening was one of my favorite paintings during the mural challenge, fun and carefree, a follow-up for the tedious Aspens mural. And Rainy Evening 2 was a fantastic way to jump back into acrylic painting after my dreary first trimester - it felt like a celebration of feeling human again! 

( i did work with watercolor during the first three months.... but we won't talk about those :) 

Thank you to all of my 2014 clients for making the year such a wonderful experience!!!! 

coloring books to coloring walls

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One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to work with an awesome set of clients. And last fall I had the privilege of heading to my hometown and working with one my favorite people- my cousin Ashley. 

Separate in age by a few years, we had the best of times when we were little. And Ashley is still the same sweetheart she was as a kid with two little cuties of her own now. It's always fun to work with someone with whom you spent your childhood coloring, dressing up,  jumping on beds, and writing terrible poetry. Except now we get to "color" on their walls for real:)

[Circa early-90s - It became apparent at a very early age that Ashley was the photogenic one. :]

What a beautiful, spacious house! Set in the middle of picturesque fields, with acres of land surrounding it and unobstructed views of the sunrise and sunset, it stands out from its surroundings with dark, saturated-grey siding and stonework. A gorgeous, open staircase looks down into their living room. And while It may be hard to tell from the picture with the oversized walls, couch and windows, the mural is actually a full 5x10 feet. Beautiful grey and black stonework, accents, and large wall art hang in and around the house. 

Ashley had compiled a beautiful set of abstract paintings that she was drawn to, with dramatic, heavy texture and a lot of vibrant color and metallics. With the mixture of depths and washes in the painting, it brought the opportunity to break out all of the the equipment: palette knives, plaster knives, paintbrushes, rollers and staining pads. So much fun. 

Thank you to my 6-foot-something brother, Lee for assisting and making the high installation a much simpler process! Installed shortly after finding out I was expecting, their cute little companion, Millie, was very protective and kept watch and company during the day. 

[unfortunately this is also when morning sickness kicked in and in the haze i forgot to take process photos! instead, enjoy more adorable childhood photos of ashley and terrible childhood photos of me]

Where we've been!

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how have 5 months passed since my last post? it feels like just yesterday i was painting and preparing for the dayton oktoberfest. 2014 was so fun, and so action packed! i want to thank everyone who helped us get where we are now: the people who purchased art or assisted at the shows or attended a show or brought us coffee or said hello or liked a post or anything! you are who make life and this job fun! 

dayton oktoberfest set-up, java nation local show in celina, pep fundraiser for ronald mcdonald house in cincinnati, hyde park art show in cincinnati! 

dayton oktoberfest set-up, java nation local show in celina, pep fundraiser for ronald mcdonald house in cincinnati, hyde park art show in cincinnati! 

...the latter half of 2014 for the studio included: finishing up our season in early october with our final four shows! [it was here i intended to update again, but life had other plans] ...

cable railings, a new-and-improved deck/yard space, and painted concrete floors! thank you to jessie and sean and pat and lee and tessa and rachel and coffee! 

cable railings, a new-and-improved deck/yard space, and painted concrete floors! thank you to jessie and sean and pat and lee and tessa and rachel and coffee! 

... completing some huuuge projects with help from our PHENOMENAL FRIENDS!!! ...

some of the amazing clients from last autumn/winter! 

some of the amazing clients from last autumn/winter! 

...creating several colorful paintings and murals for absolutely beautiful homes! ... 

adorable wedding photo credit to PHILL SEAGRAM! 

adorable wedding photo credit to PHILL SEAGRAM! 

...jessie and sean getting married in the most beautiful place on earth! ...  

Grand Tetons, Downtown Boston, Lake Jenny?, Yosemite

Grand Tetons, Downtown Boston, Lake Jenny?, Yosemite

...traveling west and east and north and south and everywhere in-between! ...




how i spent the majority of october-december :]

how i spent the majority of october-december :]

... everything coming to an abrupt halt with the arrival of morning sickness ...


excitedly awaiting our little apprentice in june! :] 

 1/2 way there! 

 1/2 way there! 

ascending abstract for a fabulous photographer

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as a semi-throwback-thursday post, we want to say thanks to Tessa Kremer of Portrait Identity for reaching out to the studio earlier this year for a customized piece, and for being so fantastic to work with! also a huge congratulations on her newly finished home - we're so flattered to have a Cera Marie piece displayed in such a gorgeous setting!  


not only were these a blast to paint, but overly-attached Hue also took advantage of the chance to perfect his shadow-status while cera worked over/behind/around/under him. 

if you ever need a photographer in mid-west ohio, we highly recommend you check out award-winning Portrait Identity! :]

CS Gallery Summer Detour- Opening Tonight!

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start your gallery hop weekend with a show we're participating in-  including a brand new artwork created this week for the show! :)  opening event tonight from 6-9 and running through August 13th! 

CS Gallery presents: Guest Curators from the Greater Columbus Arts Council

the show also features Laine Bachmann, Ameila Bruskotter, Michael Bush, Kim Covell Maurer, Mary Ann Crago, Christine Gouillot Ryan, Cassidy Rae Limbach, Deanna Poelsma, Amandda Tirey, Lisa McLymont, & Jason Moore 

"To keep this summer fresh and exciting CS is embarking on a new collaborative adventure!! Throughout June, July, and August we will be inviting some very exciting individuals to curate some amazing shows!! For our August installment we are collaborating with the staff of the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the artists of"

see you tonight at 66 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215!

super-heros & shooting stars

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this past saturday, we were lucky enough to be a part of the Walk-for-WIshes in downtown Columbus, hosted by the Make-a-Wish foundation. spending the morning and afternoon surrounded by the most amazing kids and their families and friends (as well as some great super-hero doppelgängers) was a fantastic reminder of what's really important. the love, laughter, and energy that surrounded us were beyond contagious - they were absolutely inspiring.

as if all that wasn't enough to rock the weekend, the festivities continued with fabulous guests, adorable twin babies, birthday celebrations, long-awaited homecomings, and engagement surprises!

with the weekend inspiration fresh in our minds and spirits, we kept the momentum going with preparations for another show this coming weekend. CS Gallery, working with the Columbus Arts Council, is hosting several Columbus artists as part of the CS Gallery Summer Detour Series, and invited Cera to to be one of the show's featured artists! so anytime between friday, august 1st through august 13th, stop by the CS Gallery at 66 Parsons Ave, Columbus OH to check out some brand new Cera Marie murals! 

opening night is august 1st, from 6-9pm - we'd love to see you there! for more information, check out CS Gallery's website




Westerville Arts & Music Festival

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Last week we had a ton of fun at the Westerville Arts Festival- an adorable festival just minutes from our studio! Beautiful skies and some amazing, diverse art booths!  

our favorites were our neighbors, who bopped to the eclectic music with us in the sun:

Gail Kelley, and her adorable dog paintings:

Aftershock Art, a mother/daughters team of body artists who provided us with shelter and henna tattoos during the few moments of rain:

The week leading up was a mad flurry of painting as we worked to get 4 new, weatherproof panels for the show. Combined with the sun and standing that made for a delightful 6 hour nap on Monday :] 

Thank you again to all who attended! To friends and family and new friends and new family!!! It was a ton of fun, and you are so sweet to drive out of your way to see us!! :) (I'm looking at you moms! :)

Also, to the Rosens, who made the 2 hour trip to stop by! If you're in Akron (or Columbus or anywhere), definitely check out Handel's Ice Cream! I recommend chocolate-covered-chocolate Handel pops, ice cream that's been dipped in dark swiss chocolate. They're amazing. 

Lots Of Love!

Westerville Music & Arts Festival

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fantastic holiday wishes to you all! with lots of sparklers and lights and music and food and fun. 


We're spending the long weekend rehearsing a new setup for our next festival -hope to see you all at the Westerville Arts Festival this coming weekend!!!! Saturday the 12th from 10-6, Sunday the 13th from 10-5 at Heritage Park, just a short jog from Uptown Westerville. 

Fingers crossed for clear skies!

And as always, if you want to view in person but can't make it to one of our shows, let us know and we'd love to have you for a visit at the studio! :)