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I love to paint

It keeps me sane. 

Hello! My name is Cera and I love. I love color and patterns and challenges and new materials and new spaces and new ideas and learning new skills and taking new classes and growing my workshop. I love upping the intricacy of each project and constantly pushing abilities. I love getting in the flow of a project where it consumes your time and thoughts and inspirations. 


I love construction and diy and interior design and home renovations and constantly looking for ways to make spaces more vibrant and homey and entertaining. I love meeting and following new people. I love taking the time to work with clients and try and combine our styles into something they love. I love making that process enjoyable and low pressure for them. I love going that extra mile. 

I also love my family, Joe, Leo, Etta & Avie, our giant extended family, and our home in central Ohio.  I love travel and holistic health and dry comedy and reading of all kinds. I love teaching my children and wild glasses and slow fashion. And I love small, organic, regenerative farms and disability accessibility and advocacy in architecture and fashion. 

But mostly, the thing that makes me tick and giddy and all of the feelings, I just love to create, and especially to paint. 

And I'd love to meet you!

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Worthington, OH

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