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Studio Cera Marie


I'm Cera Marie

a mural and portrait artist and I strive to be a one-stop shop for custom paintings. I’ve been painting for clients for two decades, and am thrilled to bring your vision to life!

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For the client that wants to transform a space, I love creating public art and murals. I thrive on making spaces beautiful, colorful, active, and enjoy making a piece that interacts well with the surrounding architecture and livens up the space.

For the client that is interested in portraits, mine are cozy artworks that celebrate human relationships and the subjects themselves. I aim for he paintings to evoke a smile, to feel like something you want to curl into, and something you will treasure for years to come.

In my studio art, I examine my own life – drawing inspiration from travels, from our city and life growing up in the country, from friendships and family life. I have a collection of prints available on our website, and join our email list to get first access to originals!

At the studio we go above and beyond for clients. We want you to absolutely love your final artwork, and we want that artwork to last centuries. We take the time to understand your style and desires, and use only archival quality materials for creation. We enjoy creating on new materials and seek out industry professionals to find the best paint products for each new surface.

We are most proud to make the process seamless and easy to navigate, so you love every moment with us.



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