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somedays, (especially frigid wintery ohio days) its hard to find the motivation to get anything done…particularly anything creative. thankfully, on those days (and pretty much all days), we’ve learned to rely on (cue dramatic voiceover guy) the power-of-two! to tackle our never-ending to-do lists. with our super effective duo - tasks are less daunting, more entertaining and take no time at all to accomplish. not only that, but when one half needs a pick-me-up, the other immediately becomes the ultimate power-lifter (figuratively of course…no green-hulk impersonations in the studio) and voila! inspiration!  

this past week, our combined efforts powered us through starting and nearly completing the downstairs sitting room...its so cozy now! and much more conducive to conversation. midpoint picture below - finished product to come soon! :) 

also a huge congratulations and all the hugs in the world being sent to our new little "nephews" who were ultimately our inspiration this week! welcome to the world!!! 


and a throwback to another one of our favorite duos who are growing up far too fast! long distance hugs and kisses! 

is throwing cute babies in the post pandering? maybe. but we like it. 

hello from studio 1270

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welcome to our new website, being launched from our new studio location!

the windows: our favorite feature 

the windows: our favorite feature 

we're nearing completion of the studio, as well as with the site! many many updates to come. 

we hope you like what you see, and that you'll stop by for a visit and some coffee!