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these past few weeks have been a flurry of excitement as we prepare for our trip! 



but the theme has been floor murals, in the form of mixed flooring mosaics and painted floors and handwoven rugs.

one of these days i'll get caught up with posting,
and announce our exciting news (ahhhh!)
and upload some new videos and pictures
and finally post the newest 6 murals!

in the meantime, enjoy some progress shots of yet another project that forces me to permanently bandaid my fingertips :]

chrysanthemum, gardenia, telopea video timelapse

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[from october 2012- october 2013, i am challenging myself to complete 40 murals. this is the mural 14, completed march 10, 2013...see my other murals in the mural tab!]

i'm craving spring with only a desire february can elicit. 

and for ease of recording in my living-room-turned-studio, I worked with 3 coordinating pieces this week... 

chrome chrysanthemum, glass gardenia, twine twine telopea 

relocation strategies, cincinnati

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a humorous floor mural for Relocation Strategies, in cincinnati, ohio. 

located in a private bathroom, where you enter through a darkroom door :) 



Relocation Strategies does corporate relocation, and recently relocated themselves to the Brighton Building off of Central Parkway. they turned the previously desolate warehouse space into a fabulous office space, complete with a bar and game area!  

(check out the awesome Brighton building updates by Modern Bath and Kitchen while you're at it! :)