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counting down :]

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Thoroughly enjoying this weather and the opportunity to accomplish some warm weather projects! And simultaneously becoming painfully aware of just how big baby belly has become. :)

Every task has seemingly taken four times the length and required twice the breaks the past few months! There are the catch-your-breath breaks and must-have-food breaks, the baby's-punching-your-bladder breaks and the can't-keep-your-eyes-open-any-longer breaks. And of course, when Joe is around, there are my favorite: backrub breaks :). And now that there's the not-going-into-premature-labor safety factor, a lot of the hefty work has been wait-listed until July.

Project fire pit is one of said projects that I reluctantly had to put on hold this month until I can lift the stones safely again. But I'm so excited for later this summer, finishing the yard, and finally removing all signs of the construction/deconstruction that has happened there over the past year! 

Instead of the heavy-duty, I've gone a bit into nesting mode, and have been airing out the studio and office and adding accents all over the place! I'll post a few of the photos over the next couple of weeks :]

This morning's project: removing the ancient carpet and using the remainder of our flooring to add some hardwood accents to the office. Joe is going to do all of the dirty work of staining and varnishing the floor for me, so hopefully we'll have it up and ready to go by the weekend! 

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.29.25 PM.png

hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine this week!