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coloring books to coloring walls

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One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to work with an awesome set of clients. And last fall I had the privilege of heading to my hometown and working with one my favorite people- my cousin Ashley. 

Separate in age by a few years, we had the best of times when we were little. And Ashley is still the same sweetheart she was as a kid with two little cuties of her own now. It's always fun to work with someone with whom you spent your childhood coloring, dressing up,  jumping on beds, and writing terrible poetry. Except now we get to "color" on their walls for real:)

[Circa early-90s - It became apparent at a very early age that Ashley was the photogenic one. :]

What a beautiful, spacious house! Set in the middle of picturesque fields, with acres of land surrounding it and unobstructed views of the sunrise and sunset, it stands out from its surroundings with dark, saturated-grey siding and stonework. A gorgeous, open staircase looks down into their living room. And while It may be hard to tell from the picture with the oversized walls, couch and windows, the mural is actually a full 5x10 feet. Beautiful grey and black stonework, accents, and large wall art hang in and around the house. 

Ashley had compiled a beautiful set of abstract paintings that she was drawn to, with dramatic, heavy texture and a lot of vibrant color and metallics. With the mixture of depths and washes in the painting, it brought the opportunity to break out all of the the equipment: palette knives, plaster knives, paintbrushes, rollers and staining pads. So much fun. 

Thank you to my 6-foot-something brother, Lee for assisting and making the high installation a much simpler process! Installed shortly after finding out I was expecting, their cute little companion, Millie, was very protective and kept watch and company during the day. 

[unfortunately this is also when morning sickness kicked in and in the haze i forgot to take process photos! instead, enjoy more adorable childhood photos of ashley and terrible childhood photos of me]