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a rainy evening in the short north...

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In December I had the pleasure of reworking one of my favorite paintings for the sweetest Columbus family. 

A Rainy Evening in the Short North was one of my first paintings during my 2013 mural challenge [40 murals in 50 weeks]. The client [in a dream house designed for art collectors, with a gallery space immediately through the front door housing several beautiful, vibrant pieces] wanted a slightly smaller rendition of the mural to hang in his home. 

You know how they say doctors make the worst patients? It's the exact opposite for artists. Artists make the best collectors.  It's usually immediately obvious when a client is an artist in some form themselves - they are decisive, they present their desires up front and at the same time have a hands-off, i-trust-you attitude. And this client was clearly versed in the arts :) A wonderful way to wrap up paintings for 2014. 

Rainy Evening was one of my favorite paintings during the mural challenge, fun and carefree, a follow-up for the tedious Aspens mural. And Rainy Evening 2 was a fantastic way to jump back into acrylic painting after my dreary first trimester - it felt like a celebration of feeling human again! 

( i did work with watercolor during the first three months.... but we won't talk about those :) 

Thank you to all of my 2014 clients for making the year such a wonderful experience!!!!