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Westerville Arts & Music Festival

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Last week we had a ton of fun at the Westerville Arts Festival- an adorable festival just minutes from our studio! Beautiful skies and some amazing, diverse art booths!  

our favorites were our neighbors, who bopped to the eclectic music with us in the sun:

Gail Kelley, and her adorable dog paintings:

Aftershock Art, a mother/daughters team of body artists who provided us with shelter and henna tattoos during the few moments of rain:

The week leading up was a mad flurry of painting as we worked to get 4 new, weatherproof panels for the show. Combined with the sun and standing that made for a delightful 6 hour nap on Monday :] 

Thank you again to all who attended! To friends and family and new friends and new family!!! It was a ton of fun, and you are so sweet to drive out of your way to see us!! :) (I'm looking at you moms! :)

Also, to the Rosens, who made the 2 hour trip to stop by! If you're in Akron (or Columbus or anywhere), definitely check out Handel's Ice Cream! I recommend chocolate-covered-chocolate Handel pops, ice cream that's been dipped in dark swiss chocolate. They're amazing. 

Lots Of Love!