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taking a "break"

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took a break this past week to do some landscaping :] 

then i had to take a very sore few days break from taking a break. hats off to everyone working manual labor jobs this summer! 

when we moved into our studio, the front walkway was booby-trapped with 6 overgrown shrubs that shredded skin if you accidentally brushed against them. when we trimmed them down, they became mangled, horror movie shrubs, that we lovingly dubbed as our "tim burton landscaping". In the side yard, what once had (maybe?) been a beautiful oversized bed of river rock had been overgrown with a different trap of the poison variety.

with Hue running around, grass has become a much easier/prettier option for the gated area, but I still wanted to use the river rock in our landscaping. cue lots of digging, and digging. and digging. 40 wheelbarrow loads later of topsoil to the back and river rock to the front, and we finally have grass planted and the rock bed filled :]

in the next few month I'll be adding floor vases and planters and chairs and flowers to color up the studio entrance!! :)  recommendations welcome!

stay tuned for final photos, and good luck to everyone with their summer landscaping projects!