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a thrilling weekend at the Columbus Arts Festival

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Earlier this month we had the a blast participating in the Columbus Arts Festival in downtown Columbus, right on the river. Not only was it our first festival in Columbus, it was my first time attending the festival. And it was beautiful. An impressive 300+ artists with no overlapping artwork. A bit hot, and at times a bit wet, but so many pleasant people and inspirational stories!

Morning Brew - Mural Study. 

Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14" 2014

Going into the festival, we deliberated for months about what to bring with us. Jessie insisted we bring the Short North mural, and after I was thankful she refused to let me replace it with another mural.  We also brought several mural studies, the small sketches I do to test color/style/technique before blowing them up.

mural studies

A few thank you's are necessary after the event:

First and foremost: To Rachel and Tessa and Joe and Sean, for their assistance, for booth sitting, for coffee, for general amazingness! You guys kept us going!

To Erin Swearingen and Patty Smith for all of their enthusiasm and help with the emerging artists program! Thank you also to Jenny and the rest of the festival staff for putting on a fantastic event!

To Mark Lewanski for a gorgeous glass box! - Mark does glass weaving, and is one of two artists in the nation reportedly doing so. It's fabulously intricate! He also won best in show at the festival- 

To Bello Giardino, for their beautiful landscape display that we were lucky enough to be placed opposite. Our many visitors thank you for the seating area as well! 

A huge thank you to journalists Jesse Tigges of the Columbus Alive (@Jesse_Tigges) and Allison Ward of the Columbus Dispatch (@AllisonAWard), as well as photographers Meghan Ralston (@MeghanRalston) and Eric Albrecht.

To Rachel Ramm and Rachelle Smith for their sweetness and company in the emerging artist's program

To the girl who played violin opposite our booth all weekend, yet of whom I cannot seem to find a name. It was fabulously entertaining! 

To our new engineering friend for some surprise, refreshing lemonade in the 80 degree heat! We never caught your last name- if you see this, we'd love to thank you!!! 

To Matt Goodwin, A zen guy who takes epic wandering walks (13 miles)! 

And as always, to our wonderful friends and family, those who made the trip to see us in the heat and the rain, those who sent us love and well wishes! Those who provided us with laughs and fun and slumber party amazingness. You guys are the best, and we are so lucky to have you as part of our lives! 

Apologies to our friday/saturday crew for the lack of photos! Those days flew by and it wasn't until the evenings that we realized we'd forgotten to get your awesome pictures!

Some mama/daughter love on a brief reprieve at the Cultural Arts Center garden :) 


Love you all! Maybe we'll see you there in 2015! And hope to see you at the next show!