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a 48 hour kitchen renovation that was 4 years in the making :]

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This year our parents celebrated their 30th year of marriage, and we surprised them with a kitchen overhaul and new outdoor kitchen.

I started off this makeover 4 years ago with a few new coats of paint on the ceiling and floor. I absolutely love teal tones on the ceiling, because no matter the weather it helps the room feel sunny and day-lit. And 3.5 years later, I finally convinced my parents that painted cabinets can be beautiful. 

Originally, the plan was to complete the makeover while my parents visited our sister in Boston for a week and moved her back to Cincinnati. Then work demanded the trip be cut to 4 days. Then life demanded it be cut to 3 days. And then my hardcore parents turned around and made the trip in 48 hours so my sister had a few days to hang out with the family before returning to college.

48 hours. 

So it was an episode of Trading Spaces (you know, that ancient show back in the day on TLC before it turned trashy),  where half of us built a kitchen inside and half of us built a kitchen outside, and I was Paige hyped on coffee, and everyone worked at least 16 hour days to beat the 48 hour deadline. 

Did i mention everyone worked at least 32 hours on this particular Thursday and Friday? Because that is absolutely true. I was so impressed with my younger siblings- it was more stamina than I had at 12, 15 and 17. Clean/sand/prime/paint/varnish/repeat. 

We utilized every minute and worked down to the wire, pulling the cabinet doors 15 minutes after they left Wednesday night and putting them back up 30 minutes before they walked in the door on Friday night. They did get to live through a little bit of the construction afterward - we had to hold off on the concrete [the countertop mix was backordered], and the varnishing and sealing that demand their extended drying times.  

moral of the story: with the right crew, hgtv timelines are totally achievable :]

i mixed subtle two-tone hues for the cabinets, with the slightly darker paint on the lower cabinets to break up the 48 doors. And knowing the floor/ceiling would cast green tints, i kept the paint very neutral-grey to achieve a sage appearance. [on a similar note, the walls are actually painted a light purple to keep their grey appearance :]

I absolutely love textured countertops, for both their tactile pleasing qualities and for their practicality if something should spill or chip. My goal with the concrete counters was a tarnished-copper patina, with the teals and golds shining through the dark, and a sheen that changes as you approach them. 

the rain streak put a little delay on the outdoor concrete plans - finals of that coming soon after everything is cured and stained next week! :) in the meantime, here is a sneak-peek!