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2013 was fabulous, part 1.

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Taxes are completed and the counts are in: 182 projects completed in 2013! 

"Love & Honor, MIami University" - backlit acrylic on canvas. 24x48"

One of these projects was a nightlight [seen above].  A sweet gift from the thoughtful Aaron to his girlfriend, Lauren. By day, it depicts Lauren strolling in the commons in front of MacCracken Hall; when backlit at night, the street map of Miami's campus. 


My 2013 resolution was to make it a year of failures, in the "aimed-so high-we-couldn't-possibly-have-reached-our-goals-without-going-insane" kind of way. My target project number was 250, and while i would have loved to have an extra 70 projects, I'm thrilled that we made it 70% of the way there! 

It was a year of experimentation.  From portraits to furniture, sculpture to sewing, glass etching to demolition, our mediums shifted drastically on a weekly basis. 25% of these projects may never see the light of day. 25% will be re-adressed before they are shown. 25% are okay, and 25% I may actually claim as my own :)

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible: to our assistants, clients, family, and friends for your continued support and general amazingness! We couldn't do what we do without you! 


and a few other projects that happened from jan-june: 

experimenting with cabinetry

relocation strategies, love when work takes me back to cinci to work with my designer sister! [also pictured, my brothers being awesome]

columbus speech and hearing center 

cincinnati children's theatre- cinderella 

matching stamped concrete, and my littlest assistant of the year

acrylics and amazing assistants! 

napa-inspired terrace

coffee gradients [a block from a mcd's with their dollar summer coffee deal = caffeine central]

and collaged colorings by zachary

meanderings on the way to tricia and derek's wedding 

 and shooting a june wedding on lake tahoe for tricia :]

and 2014 shows no sign of slowing down! Peace and love!