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tethered to roses and stars [mural 5 of 40]

jessie townsendComment

  from october 2012- october 2013, i am challenging myself to complete 40 8x12' murals. this is the mural 5, completed oct. 31, 2012.

"tethered to roses and stars"

pastel on chalkboard

96 x 144"

10% of the way done. that is just crazy to me.

it's amazing how deadlines yield unexpected stamina for finishing projects. with every mural thus far i've spent wednesday (and sometimes tuesday) night painting furiously through the night, finishing moments before what I would have to consider thursday. 


it was nice to switch up the painting this week for large-scale drawing of jumping-rainbow-rachel craziness. 


a jump is a fleeting moment, a split second of euphoria, of stomach butterflies.

and chalk is provisional, made to be erased. 

we are tied to cliches, to slogans, to advertisements. 

stop and smell the roses. reach for the stars. look before you leap.

follow your heart. let nature take its course. don't count the chickens before they hatch.

every cloud has a silver lining.

and these sayings can be motivating and liberating, but also outdated and restrictive. 

we bounce between obeying and defying them. 


it's a balancing act, but it's fun.