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birthday table makeover

jessie townsendComment


Picture 13.png

for the cutest twins! :]


Picture 10-2.png

watching kev attach the chalkboard wheels.
 the added weight stabilized the chairs

Picture 11-2.png
Picture 12.png

and a portable pasture that slides into the barn for easy cleanup.

logan prefers it as a seat for himself :] 

Picture 8-2.png
Picture 14.png


 -Rustoleum farm equipment enamel [for extra toddler-proof toughness]

-Rustoleum chalkboard paint [wheels and field]

-sharpie oil-paint markers [for details]

Picture 16.png
Picture 17-2.png

chalkboards everywhere!

Picture 19-3.png

tractorception: playing with tractors on their tractors.

Picture 18-2.png

annnnnndddd.... finished with the photoshoot :]