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revisiting & refreshing

jessie townsendComment

we hope everyone had as an enjoyable and productive a week as we did! waking up to the sunshine and walking outside without 17 layers of clothing was enough to get us up and moving every day...and even inspired an impromptu bonfire....smack-dab in the middle of the stubborn leftover snow. :) 

in the studio, these last few days were spent figuring out how to build a hinge frame to stretch last year's hand-woven tapestry, from cera's 40-mural-challenge (check out the "mural" page to see the rest of the murals!). the frame wasn't originally going to be hinged....that is until we realized a standard built frame wouldn't fit through any of the studio doors...

(banana for scale) :]


....more flower pressing. is there a better way to spend a sunny friday? we don't think so. :) 

(stay tuned for final pictures) have a wonderful weekend everyone!