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jessie is amazing. 

and she has been such a immense help with the renovation projects since we moved into the house and studio! 

i don't think 'immense' conveys it quite well enough. 

an enormous, colossal, prodigious, tremendous, monumental help [closer, but still an understatement]

in the past 5 months she has built walls and roofs, installed floors, paintedpaintedpainted, and then some. 

so while she was out of town we decided to return the favor and finally update her nursery-styled bedroom to something more "her"....


in its past the room was nursery, perhaps? baby blue finish, complete with butterfly stickers and lavender floral curtains...

we started by removing the baby blue and basing the room in jessie's favorite color, grey.  then we updated the bed frame and random accents in the room with yellow.  drawing inspiration from her love of leaves and grey/yellow combinations, i sketched in a gestural "wallpaper" that alludes to her impressive collection of intricate leaf earrings :) ... and we finished with her mirrors and some of her favorite decorations that moved to cali and back. 

after the dust cleared! a little more cozy, a little less baby. 

thankyouthankyouthankyou to the best business partner in the woooorld!!! everyone needs a jessie in their life!