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welcome to our studio!

man gifts for baby joe :)

jessie townsendComment

a train/toy box for baby joe :]

Picture 19.png

complete with working lights and wheels, to ride and pull in style


Picture 18.png

thank you to:
 kevin & pat, for their awesome help with construction
rach & tessa: for their painting of blocks and base paint! 
you guys are awesome. the best to spend the christmas season with. 

Picture 15.png

his mother, my godmother, built me dozens of adorable wooden toys when I was young. 

i'm working back through them as inspiration, and giving him modified versions of each toy. 

this one is a combination of a scooter, toy box, and tool box. 

Picture 19-2.png

together, they form his birth date

Picture 20-2.png

baby graffiti on the tanker... details are key :) 

(boxes 20 & 10 are lucky finds from hobby lobby)


and the caboose is made from the tool box his mother made me when I was his age. 

excellent craftsmanship- 7 kids use and a few hungry puppies later, all it needed was a light sanding.

happy new year everyone! i hope you have a fantastic 2013!